VettaFi Natural Disaster Response and Mitigation Index

Designed to track stocks listed on developed market recognized exchanges that are involved with the recovery and mitigation of natural disasters. Included in the Index are companies with government contracts for natural disaster recovery and mitigation, companies involved with home improvement retail and companies that are materially engaged in emergency/backup power generators and batteries.

As October 3, 2023 Index Level 3-Month 6-Month 1-Year YTD
Price Return 2,106.7 -5.7% 3.3% 27.8% 10.3%
Total Return 2,218.1 -5.3% 4.3% 29.7% 11.7%
Net Total Return 2,194.0 -5.4% 4.1% 29.3% 11.4%
Index Level 2,106.7
3-Month -5.7%
6-Month 3.3%
1-Year 27.8%
YTD 10.3%
Index Level 2,218.1
3-Month -5.3%
6-Month 4.3%
1-Year 29.7%
YTD 11.7%
Index Level 2,194.0
3-Month -5.4%
6-Month 4.1%
1-Year 29.3%
YTD 11.4%

As of October 3, 2023


Index Symbol (Price Return) VFFEMA
Index Symbol (Total Return) VFFEMAT
Index Symbol (Net Total Return) VFFEMAN
Number of Constituents 49
Market Capitalization $2.1 Trillion
Adjusted Market Capitalization $93.4 Million
Rebalancings Quarterly
Dividend Yield 1.5%


Top Index Constituents
As of October 4, 2023

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