Our what is finance. Our how is data. Our why is you.

We offer a comprehensive suite of products and services—from data and insights to indexing and distribution—backed by a team of industry veterans and entrepreneurs, tech enthusiasts, and data scientists.

Discover how our data-driven expertise, insights, and services deliver measured outcomes and growth that benefit both asset managers and investors.

VettaFi Voices

Todd Rosenbluth

Head of Research

We are customer-centric, data-driven, and forward-leaning. We help asset managers understand investors by helping investors understand asset management.

Lara Crigger


VettaFi is a B-to-B business with B-to-C responsibilities. Working with asset managers and reaching millions of investors online, our goal is better outcomes for all involved.

Tom Lydon

Vice Chairman

VettaFi clients are not just buying indexes, insights, or gaining scale when they work with us. They are entering into a relationship with a partner who is committed to helping them grow and navigate the future of finance.

Dave Nadig

Financial Futurist

The future of finance and technology is about adding the third leg to that innovation-stool: human beings. When capital, innovation and humanity interact, great things can happen. We're here to help.

Stacey Morris CFA

Head of Energy Research

Whether an industry is facing headwinds or tailwinds, our role as a trusted partner is to help asset managers have clarity and conviction in the decisions they are making.


Why VettaFi? Your one-stop resource for everything you need.

Data & Analytics

The world’s most complete set of fund industry research tools

  • Database of 2800+ ETFs from 100+ managers updated and analyzed daily
  • Competitive intelligence
  • Marketplace demographics and segmentation
  • Advisor Data Insights (ADI)


$14B in assets benchmarked to our indexes

  • Index research, design, and development
  • Daily calculation, management, and education
  • 200+ customers worldwide
  • Thematics, ESG/SRI, Liquid Alts, Factor-Based, Core, Energy Infrastructure MLPs (Alerian)

Thought Leadership

Seasoned bench of “VettaFi Voices” with 100+ years of combined expertise

  • Independent investment research, news, trends
  • Commissioned research
  • Industry advisory councils
  • Future of finance, fintech, industry innovation and regulation

Scale Distribution

Reach 140K US Financial Advisors and thousands of Institutional Investors with data-driven tactics

  • Top-of-funnel omnichannel distribution designed to build awareness and interest (ads, social, email, podcasts)
  • Millions of investors active on site monthly
  • Leader in Google organic search
  • Over 1M followers across social communities and VettaFi platforms

Investor Engagement

Connect with advisor, institutional, & self-directed investor communities through in-person and virtual events

  • 100,000+ financial advisors register for webcasts annually
  • CE accredited education
  • Custom experiences (Exchange, NYSE)
  • Peer-to-peer networks

GTM Consultation

Professional services for new and established asset managers

  • Develop go-to-market strategies
  • Audit existing distribution strategy
  • Outsource or augment in-market execution
  • Tactic optimization and ROI calculators

Our Name

What's in a name? In our case, a lot.

"Vetta" in Sanksrit means "one who knows," an expert. In Italian it means the summit or peak. We believe knowledge is power and we aim to provide our clients with all our collective wisdom to help them drive growth. We are determined to help our clients reach great heights.

Vettafi meaning

To "vet" is to thoroughly investigate something before making a decision to go forward — doing so increases confidence and conviction. As "students of the markets" we are constantly vetting the industry landscape to ensure positive outcomes for our clients.

"Fi" is short for Finance and finance is our world.


These are the values we live and breathe everyday. They form the core of our commitment to our clients, our partners, and each other.

Our client's success is our success.

There is only one measure of our success as a company—and that’s the success of our clients.

Bold, focused action creates the best results.

Fortune rarely favors the timid, especially in the investment world. We are not afraid of big ideas or bigger challenges because we approach every one of them with proven rigor, data, and a plan.

Integrity is the seed of achievement.

Do the right thing, always. It is the principle that never fails. We stand by what we do, what we say, and what we deliver—every day.

Join Us

VettaFi is growing. Are you?

It takes more than a great business model to change the way the world invests. It takes people — really, really good people — with the passion, determination, and skills to help us foster the enduring relationships that drive our success. Are you ready to transform financial services from an industry to a community?

Let's talk at [email protected]


May 6, 2022

US regulators are scrutinising the sale of a range of exchange traded funds to retail investors, prompting growing concerns in the industry that they are planning a clampdown. “If you chase all of the footnotes and referenced documentation, it’s not hyperbole to suggest that every fund providing anything but plain vanilla beta exposure to stocks and bonds would be included," Dave Nadig, Financial Futurist.

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May 6, 2022

"Senior loan ETFs, in particular actively managed senior loan ETFs, are quite popular as of late given the current environment of rising rates and a still-strong economy. Anytime there's money going into a segment of the ETF market where an asset manager as large as BlackRock doesn't have a product, then they're likely to do some investigating," said Todd Rosenbluth, Head of Research.

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April 17, 2022

Tom Lydon points out that a growing number of financial advisors are interested in investing in a bitcoin ETF. "A [survey] found that 82% of advisors prefer a spot bitcoin ETF over a futures-based alternative. The demand has also increased for bitcoin products investors can purchase on traditional brokerage platforms. Right now, there’s not many choices, so it’s not going backward," he added.

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