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Our platform provides data and insights across financial advisors, institutional, and individual investors.


Meet Firebird. Your all-in-one marketing work system

Outsource data-driven digital marketing. Designed for asset managers who value digital behavioral data and wish to partner with experts. Firebird delivers customized digital marketing strategies at speed with built-in qualified lead generation.

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Meet Firebird
  • Data integration


    Optimize distribution efforts with VettaFi’s proprietary behavioral data to improve investor segmentation, targeting, and personalization. Offered as a standard data feed (FTP) or API, Soloist can also be upgraded to include more investor segments and attributes.

  • Analytics


    An investor analytics tool for asset managers interested in deriving insights from current and historical investor trends. Explorer is a web-based platform used both in-house and on the road by product and distribution strategy teams.


Customize solutions based on business needs and goals.

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The VettaFi Advantage

Our clean, accessible, and secure data warehouse tracks investor behavior across VettaFi’s digital ecosystem. We’ve turned engagements across financial advisor, institutional investor, and individual investor profiles into solutions and actionable insights for issuers.

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