Alerian EMEA Alternative Energy Index

Sub-Index of AGIGL containing only EMEA stocks where the weighting of each stock contained in the sub-index shall be adjusted upward on a proportional basis so that the combined weights of these stocks equals 100%.

As December 4, 2023 Index Level 3-Month 6-Month 1-Year YTD
Price Return 3,892.6 1.0% -6.9% -6.4% -4.8%
Total Return 4,759.7 1.1% -6.4% -3.6% -1.9%
Net Total Return
Index Level 3,892.6
3-Month 1.0%
6-Month -6.9%
1-Year -6.4%
YTD -4.8%
Index Level 4,759.7
3-Month 1.1%
6-Month -6.4%
1-Year -3.6%
YTD -1.9%
Index Level

As of December 4, 2023


Index Symbol (Price Return) AGIEM
Index Symbol (Total Return) AGIEMT
Index Symbol (Net Total Return) NA
Number of Constituents 116
Market Capitalization $644 Billion
Adjusted Market Capitalization $103 Million
Rebalancings Quarterly
Dividend Yield 3.1%


Top Index Constituents
As of December 5, 2023

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