Alerian Midstream Energy Index

The Alerian Midstream Energy Index is a broad-based composite of North American energy infrastructure companies. The capped, float-adjusted, capitalization-weighted index, whose constituents earn the majority of their cash flow from midstream activities involving energy commodities, is disseminated real-time on a price-return (AMNA), total-return (AMNAX), net total-return (AMNAN), and adjusted net total-return (AMNTR) basis.

As March 29, 2023 Index Level 3-Month 6-Month 1-Year YTD
Price Return 487.2 -2.0% 4.1% -8.4% -2.0%
Total Return 689.1 -0.7% 7.1% -2.8% -0.6%
Net Total Return 623.8 -1.0% 6.2% -4.5% -1.0%
Index Level 487.2
3-Month -2.0%
6-Month 4.1%
1-Year -8.4%
YTD -2.0%
Index Level 689.1
3-Month -0.7%
6-Month 7.1%
1-Year -2.8%
YTD -0.6%
Index Level 623.8
3-Month -1.0%
6-Month 6.2%
1-Year -4.5%
YTD -1.0%

As of March 29, 2023


Index Symbol (Price Return) AMNA
Index Symbol (Total Return) AMNAX
Index Symbol (Net Total Return) AMNAN
Number of Constituents 32
Market Capitalization $532 Billion
Adjusted Market Capitalization $391 Billion
Rebalancings Quarterly
Dividend Yield 6.4%


Top Index Constituents
As of March 30, 2023

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