Victory US Large Cap Free Cash Flow Index

The Victory US Large Cap Free Cash Flow Index measures the performance of US Large Cap profitable companies that exhibit high free cash flow yield and higher growth characteristics. The indices are subject to sector and individual security weight constraints. Constituents are weighted by modified free cash flow yield.

As December 4, 2023 Index Level 3-Month 6-Month 1-Year YTD
Price Return 27,745.7 1.5% 11.0% 6.8% 12.7%
Total Return 39,844.7 2.0% 12.0% 9.0% 14.8%
Net Total Return 35,749.4 1.8% 11.7% 8.3% 14.2%
Index Level 27,745.7
3-Month 1.5%
6-Month 11.0%
1-Year 6.8%
YTD 12.7%
Index Level 39,844.7
3-Month 2.0%
6-Month 12.0%
1-Year 9.0%
YTD 14.8%
Index Level 35,749.4
3-Month 1.8%
6-Month 11.7%
1-Year 8.3%
YTD 14.2%

As of December 4, 2023


Index Symbol (Price Return) VFLO
Index Symbol (Total Return) VFLOT
Index Symbol (Net Total Return) VFLONT
Number of Constituents 50
Market Capitalization $2.9 Trillion
Adjusted Market Capitalization $3 Trillion
Rebalancings Quarterly
Dividend Yield 1.7%


Top Index Constituents
As of December 5, 2023

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